We make them stay with Social Video

Tech becomes social! We engage communities in a super-interactional video environment while using deep data to identify micro influencers.

We use Next Gen social video to build sales funnels
with your (potential) customers! Invite people to contribute to crowd intelligence in real-time.

Social media with a purpose

Most well-spread social media platforms have turned into toothless “opinion” networks. Xoonio brings back purpose by democratising well-needed skills and knowledge. Based on a “not-face-to-face” video environment, product-centred communication has its saying.


Xoonio works with the rear camera in live mode. Sorry, no nice faces but products, that’s what we are here for. Our social video brings back that original feeling when you share great tech products with others.


Invite family and friends to become connected with you. Find and join rooms, where people you like watch product explainers or new features. If you need profound help, connect directly with helpmates from past sessions, or use our search bubbles to find new ones.

Show me instead of talk about it

Call centres are great, if you don’t need help. Voice only doesn’t work when you want visual support. “Show me” always works better than “explain it to me” (via voice or chat)

Deep data to identify and address your multipliers

Xoonio’s social video allows immersive insights into behaviour and sentiments in product-related conversations. Use AI refined data to identify drivers for awareness, pre-sales and sales initiatives. Learn more about our Proof-Of-Service (POSE) mechanism and why it opens a new dimension to understand your customers in unchallenged depth.

Use your micro-influencers to gain competitive advantage

Micro influencers, that’s you and me, are ruling the tech world of today, passing information to potential buyers daily. We believe, that in a few years from now, global tech brands will have changed their perception about brand awareness and customer management. It’s not the models on billboards that do the sales jobs, it’s people like you and me, influencing our close environment. 

Xoonio offers an opportunity to understand and influence your community in the most natural way while creating additional value for your customers. So, what’s in for you?

  • See who talks about your brand 50% 50%
  • Evaluate the commercial power of your micro influencers 75% 75%
  • Engage your micro influencers 85% 85%
  • Reward your micro influencers 95% 95%

Want to know more about social video and its impact on the future of the consumer electronic industry?