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A great opportunity for brands to transform their customer service by leveraging the power of the crowd and xoonio’s intuitive visual communication technology.

Scalable | Authentic | Human

Welcome to the bot-free zone. Talk directly to your customers via other customers. Empower them to discuss their challenges and solutions in a product centered visual environment. Understand and use your customers’ authentic emotions while engaging digitally. Save resources, foster sales and provide a unique crowd-support environment, instant and always available.

Humanize your brand!

International Telco

Quality Manager – Customer Care

During our first tests we were surprised how easy to use and fast the app was. This showed us that the potential is greater than we thought.


For Companies

xoonio is not just fun to use. It enables companies to mutually connect their customers to engage with the brand, thus humanizing their communication.

Our communication app recognises the set up needed for each specific scenario and provides it instantly. Customers need info about the settings of their smartphone? xoonio provides screen sharing without asking and connects to people who can help.

Customers need help with a product in their close environment? xoonio provides a live feed with on-screen drawing and an icon language to intuitively discuss problems and solutions. They’d like to visualize a product in their living room and need additional information? xoonio finds someone to connect with and provides Augmented Reality features.


The Crowd

Let’s be honest. Ultimately, your customers want a humanized digital experience everywhere your brand is. But you can’t deliver with existing strategies, can you?

Use your fans and evangelists, your crowd, to build up the most powerful and sustainable service force ever seen. Bots are nice for easy tasks, but fail to understand human communication custom. But it needs xoonio to make people feel really easy in digital conversations.

Fans and brand ambassadors wait!


The Platform

Find new ways to connect people, control communication channels, touchpoints and the quality of conversation. Define products and services to let people mutually engage. Your customers will love it, your biggest fans even more. Run-to-failure approaches for customer service are the past, anticipative presence is the future.


The Time Token

xoonio enables you to create time tokens and place them at any touchpoint via QR codes. Trigger customer engagement and let your customers explore 24/7 instant communication with your biggest fans and evangelists. Reward helpers for their great contributions.


Proof Of Service

We use AI to enhance human skills, not to replace them. Our AI engine understands, if your fans were successful in resolving your problems and offers only the best helpers for your customers. Based on such insights, Proof Of Service constantly improves problem/solution matching and creates super-rich data about product conversations.


    • Measures SSJ (Social Sentiment Journey)
    • Evaluates empathy and truthfulness
    • Understands communication objectives
    • Improves future seeker/helper matching
    • Creates sustainable interaction quality
    • Detects fraud attempts


    The Communication App

    Our communication environment recognises the needed set up for each specific use case and provides it instantly.

    Sharing screens for explaining smartphone features? Using Augmented Reality to mutually visualize and discuss products on screens? Drawing on-screen or placing markers to instantly highlight product-related information? Sending empathic feedback for good communication progress?

    Explore the new opportunities offered by xoonio.

    Cool Use Cases That Disrupt

    Their Industries

    Currently, xoonio runs projects with major players in the consumer tech industry to evaluate the enormous potential for customer service and support. Such companies know, that customers must be empowered to connect in more meaningful ways then it is possible in days like this.


    Dealing with problems and challenges of existing products and services is a challenge itself. If we add the wave of new devices and services already looming, existing service structures must fail.

    We test a pure crowd approach and our xoonio environment to build customer support the of a new era.

    Smart Home

    According to the Harvard Business Review, emotional connection now matters more than pure “technical” customer satisfaction.

    That’s why xoonio is a perfect match for onboarding procedures and live explainers. We lower the technology adaption barrier by introducing your biggest fans to help.

    Consumer Tech

    New products, new apps, new services. Consumer tech producers must come up with innovations in shorter periods of time to entertain customers.

    The past “run to failure”. approach to serve customers’ challenges is not sufficient to keep people satisfied. Xoonio made an offer that couldn’t be refused.

    2021 sees the rise of an unstoppable movement

    GigCS, customer service of a new generation

    xoonio maintains a personal level of service: it’s really about human to human contact, at a high level of customer satisfaction.