We wow them with
product wish lists

We make your customers manage tech products at home and wish lists while being in shops.

Motivate customers to visit your stores and websites using our app to build a good base for sales funnels!

Let customers store their product information in the app

One app to store all relevant information about the tech products you use at home? Very useful when you need warranty dates to be reminded of or store pictures of damages to share with your insurance. But let’s not forget the relevance of ads based on such a powerful feature.

Scan products

Have a walk through your house or flat and scan all your tech products. Store product information and add relevant details like warranties or maintenance dates. If you purchased tech products recently, use “Get help” to connect to people who can help you with onboarding or special features. Fast help of your community is on the way if you need it. 

Enter products manually

If barcodes are not available, users can enter all relevant information manually. Very convenient, especially when you are supported by our product data base that offers over 5 million products as suggestions.

Enter pictures, videos and files

Enhance the “Store” feeling by entering pictures and other resources and use it for specific purpose. Sharing damage with your insurance comapny? Having all invoices, warranties and manuals in one place? Sending product information to your friends and your family? Users will love this feature for many reasons.

Encourage your customers to build wish lists when they visit stores

Using Xoonio can be fun. Just imagine potential customers visiting your shops, creating lists of products they would like to buy later. Even better when they add videos or pictures or some comments. A great way to build sticky offers to it and convert potential customers to real ones. 


It is so easy to visit online stores, but it is not easy to remember all desired products. Make screenshots of products, label them (price, location, url) and store them savely. When the time is right, use “Get help” to connect to product users or experts to get authentic feed back before you buy.


When visiting stores, use our product scanner to create relevant wish lists right in our app. Get relevant information by connecting to experts while you are walking. 


Connect to your friends while you are in shops and share product impressions live via app. Get feedback from experts, too. Our app allows users to get all relevant information on the go. What better way to make potential customers to real ones.

Proximity coupons are real
sales machines

Xoonio matches perfect to this relatively new marketing strategy that combines the power of mobile devices with the relevance of location. Just imagine your customers, being informed about products on their wish lists when they pass or enter your stores. 

Most relevant marketing ever

Treasure hunter

Use our app to create treasure hunts in your shops. Our product scan function enables you to invite shop visitors to find those promotional products and win prizes.

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Up- and cross

Data of stored products, especially those in wish lists, offer a huge opportunity for cross- or upselling activities. Our promotion engine helps you to win those clients.

Search history

You know Google became a global leader in search. Use data from our user’s search history to build most effective sales funnels on it. How more relevant could marketing and sales be?

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