Obstacles and solutions

The new global initiative gains momentum. Still, COVID is a major showstopper to a great idea.

TV’s, fridges, printer and washing machines as game changers for a whole industry?

When Britain introduced the right to repair rules that legally require companies to make spare parts available, the momentum swapped over to the rest of the world. Empowering customers to have more influence of their product’s life span builds a new mind-set we all need heavily to become “a better planet”.

However, there are obstacles to overcome, some are not new, and some are very new. When COVID became recognized as a threat to almost every human on this planet, governments focused their efforts to find solutions to the problems posed to their citizens. Reducing or even banning people from gathering was necessary but had severe consequences to the business world we knew.

The right to repair was hit hard


The Right to Repair movement was hit hard, too. People who had organized themselves in various initiatives, Repair Cafes and others, had been robbed for their homebases. As it seems, this will not change soon, so we came up with an idea, that could change everything for good.

What is the main problem, when you aim to repair stuff? We researched a big deal and found out, what hinders people to lay hands on their devices. The biggest obstacle is the fear to inflict damage based on missing know how, followed by missing experts to show how repairs are done the right way. The third one, and the most annoying one, is the missing tailormade technology to let people interact with each other (in times of COVID, or convenience, as you may rightly point out)

Show me, don’t explain it to me


Most of us already experienced problem handling over the phone, Google, Youtube or help desks. All those ways to fix things are valid ones, if it weren’t for their shortcomings. The phone help depends on the imagination and rhetoric abilities of your “opponent”, Google and Youtube miss the interaction and help desks, well, they unrightly carry such a name.

The logical solution to such a problem would be an environment that allows to connect to experts visually (not face to face but focused on the product), enables involved parties to interact and is available 24/7. And yes, it should be mobile to work on devices deep down in cellars without having to move desktops there.



Xoonio resolves a global problem the elegant way


Just imagine you could connect to people all around the world to discuss issues visually and to find solutions the fastest possible way. You could just walk to your kitchen, open an app and let experts take over to show you “the thing”. You could use screensharing to discuss operating apps and how to find the right settings for your environment in seconds.


Experts could start virtual repair cafes with our smart video rooms, presenting their solutions to larger audiences, engaging their viewers in meaningful exchanges about their products, changing streams to their homes, talking about the issues where they exist.



This is not a dream; it is already available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Ready for you to use, whether being an individual or a company. Let’s build up the largest community of experts and people desperately needing help all around the globe. We are set, are you set, too?


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