We win consumers with
drop-in video

We harness drop-in video to lead real conversations
in product-centred video rooms.
And hey, it’s not face-to-face!

Xoonio runs 1:1, 1:5 or 1:Large rooms to gradually engage your customers to real conversations! No Youtube videos anymore, real live interaction to understand your customers’ needs.

Small rooms: Use 1-on-1 or 1-to-five

We enable helpmates and experts (community or corporate) to gather up to 5 people in one drop-in video environment to explain, onboard or support (prospective) customers. Our video stream is product-centred and doesn’t allow face-to-face communication, the huge difference to video platforms like Zoom or Skype.

Search for brands, categories and products

Our search algorithm is easy to use, as customers can define brands, categories, products and issues and directly connect to helpmates who are available for video sessions.


Small group rooms allow users to watch first in a save environment before they get active in 1-on-1 rooms. The perfect first step to understand and use Xoonio.

Rate and review rooms

Each room comes with a rating and review system that helps us to improve matches between future help seekers and helpmates. After each session, users are taken to a screen, where they can express their perception. If the session didn’t turned out to be helpful … users can try again with another helpmate!

Rooms: The concept

Just imagine our rooms as live Youtube channels dragged to smartphones, in which companies can stream an endless string of interactive events, kind of panels. Viewers, customers, can drop-in and out as they wish, being able to contribute on-screen. They can join one-on-one sessions as well as small and large group rooms.

Our streaming environment doesn’t show the contributors in person, but the products they are talking about. Thus we combine the power of voice with the power of video to a perfect “explainer” environment.

Welcome content creators: Develop designed rooms with bespoke interaction features and set number of open viewing slots. Brand the room and run your designed choreography. Invite co-contributors to help with the session coordination.

    • Live video channel

    • Easily drop-in and out

    • 1:1 and group rooms 

    • Interactive features

    • Product-centred, not face-to-face

    • Mobile optimized

    • Web-based back office

    Large rooms: Gather people in brand and trend rooms

    Ready to play the big room? Brand and trend rooms allow large audiences, for which companies can develop live drop-in video shows. Moderators are enabled to invite participants to the stage, make them asking questions or explaining solutions from their point of view.

    Content is king

    Brand and Trend rooms allow an innovative form of content creation for companies. Start to set up rooms for large audiences and present your products or show your customers what they can expect in the future.

    Special formats

    We are always looking for new formats to be presented in brand and trend rooms. Be creative and have in mind, that our drop-in video format always foots on the rear camera experience. We call it “product-focused”, which totally concentrates on products rather than nice faces.

    Interactions for large audiences

    Each room allows a specific set up in terms of interactions. Watch participants to raise hands and become active contributors, harnessing Xoonio’s various interaction features.

    The power of interaction

    • l

    Draw on screen

    Users draw with their fingers on screen and explain their issues in the most interactive way. Helpmates could collaborate in 1:1 or group sessions to tackle solutions the same way.

    Switch sources

    Our core service hits the nail. Just imagine users could switch their camera feeds or share their screens mutually. Furthermore, our environment allows a collaboration on displayed 3D objects or Augmented Reality.

    Create snapshots

    How about taking snapshots of all done interactions to be stored on mobile phones for further use? Xoonio delivers that immersive experience.

    • v

    Chat with helpmates

    Of course, users can chat with helpmates during their sessions, exchanging links or other relevant resources.

    Label your resources

    Labelling snapshots with relevant information? We keep our users covered. Our intuitive UX enables users of sessions to store relevant information in labels and download images with it. 

    • r

    Express your emotions

    The most fun part of live sessions is the part, where users send Xoonio emojis to cheer helpmates up or to support their progress in getting closer to solutions.

    Ready to start the first drop-in video content with us these days?