Turn service into a great experience

Assist your customers with interactive video rooms live from your shops and the next generation of mobile video support.



    Invite your customers
    to drop-in video rooms

    Have your customers ever had troubles getting the instructions they need for a technical product? Were live chats, explainer videos or chatbots not really helpful? We have built a new home for customers and experts around the world to share their knowledge and skills with each other. Live and in a unique video environment. For manufacturers and retailers, Xoonio creates yet unimaginable new opportunities.

    First opportunity:
    Improve support


    Show it instead of talk about it: Use our visual environment to visualiseย  the issues of your customers faster and to show them the solutions they need.

    Second opportunity:
    Empower your sales


    What a great new resource to generate more revenue: Find your new stars amongst your sales staff. Enable them to host live rooms, presenting your products.

    Most important opportunity

    Get your fans to join

    Xoonio was built to connect people all around the world in order to create a global neighbourhood. This is your big chance to take communication with your customers to the next level. Get your fans and your community actively involved in your video rooms. Online and live.

    The Right to Repair

    The right to repair. We believe products should last longer, and therefore when broken, should be repaired. We enable people to spread the needed repairing skills.


    Cool feeling,
    like in real life!

    Online live sales mostly misses one thing: authenticity and real emotions. Xoonio resolves that problem with live streaming right out of your shops. Just compare existing “green screen” online sales of some tech retailers with the colourful world of Xoonio. Right out of shops, done by real people.



    Involve your customers actively and emotionally. Emotional feedback is the key that lets manufacturers and retailers understand the state of mind of their customers.


    Each room can be customized to your customers’ needs. Xoonio offers a variety of on-screen interactions, which can be fully controlled by you.

    Use of camera

    Xoonio never shows faces of users and focuses on the products. Don’t expect “Zoom” feelings in rooms, it’s all about talking issues.



    Show your products in action
    like never before

    Just imagine our rooms as live Youtube channels dragged to smartphones, in which companies can stream an endless string of interactive events, kind of panels. Viewers, customers, can drop-in and out as they wish, being able to contribute on-screen. Our streaming environment doesn’t show the contributors in person, but the products they are talking about. Ideal suited for mobile repair cafes to show consumers how to repair their tech devices (“Right to Repair”).

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    Your customers will love us!

    Disruptive advantage

    Next Gen Marketing

    Progressive, proactive involvement will disrupt reactive run-to-failure support. Use brand and trend rooms to engage customers and influencers with your brand.

    Mobile video support

    Engage customers in a sticky process, invite and grow user base by offering interesting live formats, fostering active participation. Perfect for “Right to Repair” initiatives.

    Reduce support

    Gradually communicating pre-sales and onboarding information in our rooms will lead to measurable decrease of support (costs). Sustainably and most effectively.

    Pay on-demand

    In our ongoing growth stage, we offer great ways to use our service without any investment. After we have generated a strong value for your company, you’ll just pay for what you really use.


    Creating a sticky environment attracts your power users and evangelists to engage, leveraging your customer communication.

    Content machine

    Use our mighty back office to create and launch content for your customers. Live and authentic, staying sticky and sharp.

    We love to help you building the next generation
    customer communication