Fix tech issues per live video with your community

Xoonio builds the largest consumer tech expert community for you: Enter interactive video rooms and experience the next generation of mobile video support.


Showing always beats
“just talking”

Call centres are great, if you don’t need help. Voice doesn’t work when you want visual support. “Show me” always works better than “explain it to me” (via voice or chat). Joint repair efforts (remotely) work better like that, too.


Meet people in
Drop-in Video rooms

Have you ever had troubles getting the instructions you need for a technical product? Were live chats, explainer videos or chatbots not really helpful? We have built a new home for customers and experts around the world to share their knowledge and skills with each other. Live and in a unique video environment. Just search for rooms that address your issues, join them and ask your questions or explain your issues visually on screen. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Step 1:
Download the app

Show it instead of talk about it: Use our visual environment to visualise  your issues and get the solutions you need.

Just imagine you and me, being connected to help each other! Start to use Xoonio from now on for resolving tech issues.

Step 2:
Register and start connecting

After you have downloaded the app, register the easy way and start looking for people who can help. Search for rooms to join or find supporters to talk to you in  personal closed environment. We keep you covered.

Just imagine you and me, being connected to help each other! Start to use Xoonio from now on for resolving tech issues.


Find great

"It was a wonderful experience. Great help, thx!"


Find great

Tired of waiting in queues for experts? We aim to help you the new way by connecting millions of people and their expertise. Just open the app and press “Talk to experts”. Our app takes you through an easy step-by-step guide that finds you an expert the fastest possible way.


Get your friends to join Xoonio

Xoonio was built to connect people all around the world in order to create a global neighbourhood for tech issues. If you have problems with your devices, ask your community to help. If you are an expert, join Xoonio to help other people to get their stuff done. Hey, and there is a big chance to qualify as supporter for the big tech companies.

The Right to Repair

The right to repair. We believe products should last longer, and therefore when broken, should be repaired. We enable people to find help or to spread the needed repairing skills.


Cool feeling,
like in real life!

Xoonio resolves a major problem of online communication the new way. With live streaming, done by real people. Perfectly made for products that need to be shown while being discussed or fixed. Are you running a repair cafe or sell tech products? Eve better, go on and find out where Xoonio works best for your service. 


Get involved actively and emotionally. Emotional feedback is the key that lets your community understand the value of your service.


Each room can be customized to your needs. Xoonio offers a variety of on-screen interactions, which can be fully controlled by you.

Use of camera

Xoonio never shows faces of users and focuses on the products. Don’t expect “Zoom” feelings in our drop-in video rooms, it’s all about talking issues.


Show your skills
and build your own business

 Are you the family’s tech guy? Do you like to help others with their tech issues? Do you think that the #RightToRepair movement should gain more momentum? Then you are right here. Just register yourself as an expert and start to run live expert rooms and brand yourself with Xoonio. Start to promote products or be available for others to provide tech help. We get requests from major tech retailers and manufacturers almost every day. If you are the next big gun. we happily introduce you to those companies for co-operation.

Book a 30 min live presentation with us.
We gladly show you our stuff!