All About xoonio

And The

People Behind It

Although we have started not so lang ago, we gathered remarkable individuals and already made it to the media. Find out more about us and spread the word. It’s needed in times like that where online communication seems to boost for real reasons.

That’s What The News Say About xoonio

Yeah, the news. We are very happy to get the recognition but it pushes us a lot to fulfil the expectations of our fans. Feel free to contribute your ideas and experience and help us to become better.

The Crowd Has arrived

This is it, guys! Using untested technology and letting the crowd do customer support and service? Sounds like a lot of risk for international brands. Why it isn't, is argued below.The first step towards the world Remote help becomes more important than ever  ...

The Management Team

Lex Goetz


Robert Pfeiffer


Developing business platforms for 20 years

Juergen Repolust


Ivan Sakic

Head of Algorithm

Stefan Nastic

Head of Research

Kamil Chmurzynski

Head of App Dev

The Advisory Team

Anders Björkman


Leon Shpilsky

Chief Strategy Advisor

Board level adviser for international companies, M&A and investment banking specialist

Thomas Weigelhofer

Advisor Corporate

Gerald Reitmayr

Advisor Corporate

Karin Huber-Heim

Advisor Sustainability and Compliance

Academic Programme Director Sustainable Finance

Gerhard Massenbauer

Advisor Capital markets

Juergen Hoebarth

Advisor Blockchain

Teuta Oruci

Advisor Finance

We Are Building Up Right Now, Feel Free

To Contact Us

xoonio goes for the global approach as our idea has the potential to change industries once and forever. Feel free to contact us and discuss how we can contribute to a sustainable solution in your sector. Be aware that our slots for early consumer tech starter pilots are almost closed by now, but we are open for new sectors.

xoonio Europe

Contact our rep offices in Vienna and Sofia to work on European based strategies.

xoonio US

Our reps in the US offer consulting for your customer engagement strategy.

xoonio Asia

We consider our rep office in Hong Kong as a key for our Asian operations. 

Please Use Our Repositories And Resources During

Live Presentations And Tests.

We have provided a perfect environment to let you experience xoonio wherever you are. Use our resources and existing network to arrange live presentations on your own. Download our app and get in touch with our test crowd.