Build great connections to your customers

Marketing is about a seamless experience from getting interested to happily using the full potential of a product

and visible and invisible at the same time?

When talking to the great tech brands and retailers of today, we always come across the question how get great a great connection to customers, how to win and keep them. The simple answer we come to understand is “be present and stay invisible.”

At first glance this seems to be a contradiction for how a brand could be very visible and invisible at the same time. Let’s dig deeper and analyze different stages of customer relations.

When potential customers build consciousness about a new purchase, and probably already the brand they prioritize, visibility and relevance is the decisive factor. A seamless string of touch points, highlighting the products’ superiority does the trick. It’s all about the famous “funnel”, “wheel or however marketeers call the thing.


The situation changes, when a customer has bought the product. There, invisibility takes over. Invisibility means, that products resolve problems of customers in the most reliable and, see, “invisible” way. In those later stages, products only become visible again, when they fail or don’t fully resolve the problem they were built for.

Such bad kind of visibility could be a result of

– a product failure (very bad, shame on you)
– lack of customer skills to properly use the product (still bad but resolvable), or
– another product that does it better (depends on if it is yours or not)

All ways lead to Rome, sorry, rooms


So, let’s start at the beginning (oh, so obvious). How could Xoonio help you to become visible the new way?

Let’s define the end of the road first (oh, not so obvious). Customers’ way of buying products has changed drastically over a course of mere 2 years. Pandemic has put an unfriendly stop to all those “Flagship only” approaches, handshake thingies and the freedom to visit shops at all times.

Online had its saying, euphorizing shareholders of the usual suspects like Amazon and others. But the experience was not the same, of course. We all missed the live stuff, asking questions, touching the products before buying them.




Here is, where Xoonio comes into play. Our interactive live video rooms allow customers to visit stores almost at touch distance. Strolling through the product rows, asking questions and have people to explain things in a hands-on approach (literally) even gets armchair generals caught. Shop sales are no static resources anymore, they extend their flavour through a mobile app to one-on-one talks or even larger audiences.

Room visitors get their chance to ask questions, paint on screens to get proper information or even to buy while being caught by the new experience. Product pictures, taken during the journey, can be downloaded, labeled and taken to in-app wish lists (spoiler alarm).

Just imagine yourself, being at home and getting your pro-tour to buy a new coffee machine via Xoonio rooms. Just a nice idea? Nooooo, it’s coming, and you can win the market the sooner you start with it.


Show me the way to my room, please!


Each high-class hotel has its concierge, a mixture between Google and George Clooney. So does Xoonio, and we have more than just one to build great customer connections and enable you to develop you the right experience.

Quiz to rooms to sales

Have you ever discovered the power of quizzes? Xoonio offers a quiz section, but it’s more a “quiz on steroids” as it allows to create funnels towards your Xoonio rooms. Just imagine, potential app users choose your quizzes and though documenting a certain connection to your brand/product. We can invite such leads to visit certain rooms to even get more intrigued by your products. And yes, rooms lead to sales as we already mentioned (no spoiler anymore).


Wishlists to rooms to sales (remember the spoiler alarm?)

People have more than one reason to buy your products, but timing is of utmost importance. That’s why we motivate users to build wish lists for D-Day. Such wish lists qualify users as hot leads, now it is up to you to pave the right way to sales. Again, I might stress the fact, that rooms are great converters. Just saying …

Proximity coupons to rooms to sales

Do I want to be reminded of good things? Yes, I do, as potential customers do. Xoonio enables tech brands and retailers to create proximity alerts, whenever customers come in range of your shops (on-site and online). All is based on wish lists (again those nasty things) and/or rooms being visited in the past. What a great way to build a great customer connection.

Rooms to service to repeating sales

Remember the first part of the Posting, where I referred to be invisible? Well, time has come to wear the cape. Invite your customers to rooms regularly, in which products are mainly explained rather than sold. Offer your customers to become experts for their own products and use them merciless up to their full range of service. Did I mention that happy customers are the best promoters for your products? How impolite of me.
However, predictive service via Xoonio rooms opens a complete new “Blue Ocean” (here is the reference) for your business. Use it for good.

Finally about the millions of Euros, Dollars or other currencies you are going to spend for Xoonio services: You will not. Your financial projection will show, that each money you spend for Xoonio will be return ten-fold. Yes, that’s a bold statement, we know. But let’s find out in a small starter to get big later. We are ready, are you ready, too?


We re-think how companies get their customers engaged. Become a part of our success story.