Imagine The Supporting


Of Your Crowd

xoonio meets a global market that is ready in terms of mobile technology, the customers’ need for convenience and the potential of available skills amongst techies and brilliant kids out there. Look at some facts, why the world waits for xoonio:

A rich media tool like xoonio fosters trust amongst users and serves the main mission:  connect people to help them.

Leon Shpilsky

Investor and Chief Strategy Advisor to xoonio

Don’t fall behind your industry!


Crowd Always Beats Desk. If Properly Addressed And Introduced.

It’s a fact, that customers prefer a “humanized” environment when engaging to a brand. That’s our nature. But how about the people who are your biggest fans and will be your future brand ambassadors?

Can they be inspired to engage and fulfil the important role we think of? Are the equipped with everything it needs to have conversations on high levels? First things first. We have found a way to address potential helpers and let them interact with your customers. Our 3-stages process enable you to gradually introduce xoonio to your customers with less if any risk.

Our pilots showed the high interest to engage in favourite brands and the intuitive way of using xoonio’s communication app. Ready to start a pilot yourself?

Customers know what they want. Some need help, some want to offer it.

Open up real communication pathways and real dialogue and establish trust, which is the key reason people become attracted to your brand. Share your fans and brand ambassadors with your customers.

Successful user- and customer-centric organizations keep digital empathy as a day-to-day behavior, rather than as an additional digital strategy.

Michael Gaizutis

Founder of RN01

Don’t Ask What You Can Do For Your Customers.

Ask What They Can Do For You!

Explore communication and interaction of your helpers in real time and improve your products and services on the way. Develop predictive models of potential onboarding and support cases and set alerts for unexpected product alerts. Use xoonio for marketing and sales as well as brand impact strategies.


Create Time For Your Customers To Engage.

Deliver immersive guidance exactly to the point of pain. Let customers claim interaction time via helpar QR codes, available on products, in shops or on supporting websites. Connect in pre-sales stages, onboarding activities after purchase or technical support in case of problems. Stay in control of your customer’s touch-points at any time.

Have you ever analysed how many potential customers watch your products through a shop window on a Sunday afternoon? With our technology you get the chance to do it.

Place time tokens everywhere!

QR codes

xoonio QR codes can be created by you, defining products to be served, time to be spent per talk or touchpoint to be used.


Spread the word about your new community tool and let your customers explore the new way of engagement.


xoonio is a process not a solution, a sustainable transformation into an effective way to engage customers.


Reduce Complexity And Win The Battle For Your Customers’ Time And Attention.

Offer an easy-to-use environment and empower your customers to accomplish their wishes, needs and demands. Transfer control of certain communicational processes to your customers and let them feel valued.

Take advantage of data driven insights and improve your products and services on the way.