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Consumer Tech Your Customers

Xoonio’s conversational platform offers various opportunities. We have decided to enter one of the largest industries to prove our service. Consumer tech faces huge challenges, as customers change their way to experience products and services. The current global situation does the rest to make industry leader understand the winds of change.

Your People are ready. Trust them!


Empower The Collective Skills

Of Your Crowd

There has been some time now, when “the crowd” and its huge potential became a focus for global movements. Just add the right communication framework and address your propositions to the right target group and the rest will become your history.

Empowered the right way, your biggest fans and addicted techies out there will become an unstoppable ally to serve and satisfy your customers.

” The only killer-app I know is the human being. So, let’s center really everything around people, your customers that is.”

Lex Goetz

CEO, xoonio


xoonio allows a new form of pre-sales activity, enabling companies to connect in early stages of a customer journey. Just place time tokens at sales points and encourage potential customers to get information via xoonio app.


xoonio allows a convenient onboarding of technical products, empowering proper use of it and reduces unnecessary returns on the way. Place time tokens on product covers to let customers connect with great explainers.


xoonio powers a great product support, enabling companies to run always available, convenient connectable contact points. Just place time tokens at mobile support websites and enable potential customers to get instant help.

Find Customers That Can Help

Addressing customers that are empowered to explain and resolve problems in a digital environment, coming empathically as close as possible to face-to-face interaction? We know how.

Watch Quality Of Your Biggest Fans

When you open up real communication pathways and real dialogue, trust is established, which is the key reason people become attracted to your brand. Humanize your brand by “letting people talk”.


The Mighty Backbone Of Your Strategy Is Ready To Start

xoonio addresses companies of all sizes to engage in the new way of communicating with customers. That’s why we came up with a powerful back office to create and control main processes behind the creativity. Define where and when you would like to provide communication, which products you’d like to be focused on and watch success in real time.

“Find out skills of involved people, control and influence communication quality.”

Improve on your existing communication channels, reduce complexity and concentrate on main stages of your success, pre-sales, sales, product onboarding and support. xoonio has it all set up for you.

Control communication!


A Communication App That Always Knows What to Do

Xoonio’s conversational app offers some communication magic. People, who connect with each other are empowered by a framework that meet its purpose in the best possible way. 

Augmented Reality to visualize and discuss products live, drawing on smartphone screens or using a special icon language to mark sensible product areas? Sending and receiving live haptic feedback for your conversational contribution?

Our app knows what to do and your customers will love the intuitional way to express their challenges online.

Features That Resolve Problems

Can you imagine your customers to draw on screen, set markers, use Augmented Reality to display products and switch on screen share to understand their device like never before?

Live stream

Discuss problems and solutions live on your device screen. No call-backs or days of waiting.


Explore your device with guided assistance of your helpers and experience xoonio at its best. 

Screen drawing

Draw on your device’s screen to visualize your challenge and let helpers find solutions.


Talk to your helpers to speed up the solution finding. That’s how communication works here.


Make screenshots, draw on it and use your hands to follow instructions of your helpers.


Encourage your helpers by sending them live feedback about their social and technical skills.