The smartest way to attract customers to your products

Excite your customers with a brand new way of live video communication and the next generation of mobile video support. You can’t get closer to real life like that.

Real people,
real conversations

People donโ€™t want to talk to bots, queue for issues or waste time getting to the next shop. They want a real human vis-a-vis to talk about their challenges. But how can you digitalize such an experience? You can, using our drop-in video app …

Watch experts help others
Offer users interactive online group sessions to tackle their tech challenges. Highly efficient and engaging. The first step into the world of Xoonio.
One-on-One help by experts

Drive communities to offer/receive expertise for their tech challenges via video (live stream, screensharing, live moderation of videos, 3D).

Visit brand rooms for live explainers
Invite and grow user base by offering interesting live formats, fostering active participation. Sticky content (e.g. โ€œclash of brandsโ€) to be joined by customers via open sessions or by invitation.

A new social technology that will disrupt Consumer Electronics 

Run Social Video as sales booster? Build your own next generation sales, marketing and onboarding funnels? Gamify your products or stores? Nudge your customers to create wishlists in stores? Implement support done by your own customers into your strategy? Run videos with live explainers done by your staff?
Xoonio has it ready for you!

  • 510% more engagement of prospective/existing customers
  • 525% increased customer satisfaction
  • 53% increased Net Promoter Score
  • 5Reduces support costs
  • 5Highlights visibility of techfluencers and power users
  • 5Increases customer retention
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By 2025,
proactive customer engagement interactions
will outnumber reactive customer engagement interactions.

Gartner, 2021

Disruptive advantage

Next Gen Marketing

Progressive, proactive involvement will disrupt reactive run-to-failure support. Use brand and trend rooms to engage customers and influencers with your brand.

Mobile video support

Engage customers in a sticky process, invite and grow user base by offering interesting live formats, fostering active participation.

Reduce support

Gradually communicating pre-sales and onboarding information in our rooms will lead to measurable decrease of support (costs). Sustainably and most effectively.

Pay on-demand

In our ongoing growth stage, we offer great ways to use our service without any investment. After we have generated a strong value for your company, you’ll just pay for what you really use.



Creating a sticky environment attracts your power users and evangelists to engage, leveraging your customer communication.

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Content machine


Use our mighty back office to create and launch content for your custoers. Live and authentic, staying sticky and sharp.

Ready to build a competitive advantage in a next gen onboarding app?